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Home Improvement Projects to Give Your House A New Look

There’s nothing quite like being home for the holidays. In fact, between those holiday parties, gift shopping and food preparation, the holiday season is the perfect time to do some smaller scale home improvement projects. So in between those holiday celebrations give your home a completely new look.

Home Improvement Projects

Paint Job

Repainting a room can have an amazing effect. A new coat of paint, whether it’s the same color or different, will turn that tired-looking, worn room into one with new life by adding both character and personality. Lighter colors such as cream or light blue will help make any room appear brighter and larger while also remaining neutral for other accents.

Revamping Furniture

While rearranging furniture is one way to refresh a room’s appearance, go one step farther and refurnish some of that well-loved furniture. Recovering seat cushions, adding a slip cover to a couch, and painting the coffee table will ensure that your home will have an updated look when the new year comes rolling in.

Mood Lighting

A change of lighting can brighten up the corners of even the darkest of rooms. Switching from hanging light bulbs and traditional lamps with shades to track lighting will help to create a more modern and welcoming atmosphere. Different types of light bulbs such as LEDs will also help to make your home much brighter, fresher, and more vivid.

Room Revitalization And Additions

A bigger undertaking but this type of renovation will completely transform the appeal and practicality of your home while also adding home investment value. From constructing an en-suite bathroom to turning the guest bedroom into your personal walk-in closet, no matter what your project may be all will make you feel as excited as the day you first moved in.

Outside Clean-up

The outside of your house is just as important as the inside. So before you hang up those holiday lights and wreaths, take some time to attend to the garden, shrubs and entranceway. Simple maintenance items such as pulling up dead flowers, trimming back tree branches and raking up leaves will make quite the difference. Once those items are cleared away, there will be plenty of room for seasonal decorations and a warm welcome mat.

From simple furniture recovering to a complete room remodel, there are a variety of ways in which you can refurnish your home to make it perfect for the impending holiday season.

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