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Creating Your Bedroom Addition

There are many reasons why you might want to add a bedroom to your home. A parent moving in, a new child, or simply a larger and better-appointed room for you and your partner are all perfectly valid reasons for wanting to plan and addition. Here are some things to consider when planning your addition.


It can be easy to try to cram too many amenities in a smaller space. Alliance Home Builders can help determine how much space you add on while meeting your local building regulations and codes. If your lot size is not the issue, then you need to determine how much space you will be satisfied with.


Sharing a bath with everyone in your household may be something you don’t want to do in the future. A master bath as part of the bedroom can give you privacy and take some of the strain off of the main bathrooms of your home. Double sinks and separate tubs and showers are popular features in the modern bedroom addition.

Custom Cabinets and Built-Ins

Organization can make or break an addition. Custom cabinets can make the greatest use of the space of your bedroom addition. Built in closets and other features can help organize and help rooms appear tidier in general. Shelving adds space for items such as books and things you use regularly.

Don’t Underestimate Bed Size

When planning your addition be sure you realize how much space you are going to have after a bed is added. A king sized bed is going to take up more of your addition than a queen. If you are set on having a larger bed, then take it into account when planning home additions.

Planning Your Addition

Alliance Home Designs can help you plan an addition that fits your budget. We can assist with deciding what features are best for your goals. Our free estimates may make you realize just how much you can do with a small renovation budget. Contact us today for the best in home remodel design and construction in the industry.

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