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Figuring Out The Details Of Custom Cabinets

The advantages of custom cabinets are numerous. For starters, you can get a lot more out of your space compared to buying cabinets that are just a standard size off the shelf at your local home improvement store.

Color And Finish

With custom cabinets, you can take advantage of being able to specify a specific color or finish for your cabinets. This allows for a one of a kind kitchen if you want it. Alliance can create any finish you desire.

Crown Molding

Some cabinets have a top shelf while others may go all the way to the ceiling and have crown molding. The addition of crown molding can add a decorative touch that is hard to beat. A creative crown molding design can add a lot of depth and character to even plain cabinets.

In Cabinet Organization

The inside of a cabinet is important. If you cannot get good access to what is within your cabinets, then you might have a frustrating kitchen to deal with. The addition of slide out drawers, Lazy Susan’s, wire baskets, and more can help you maximize your space. Wire baskets on the inside doors of cabinets give you a space to keep small cutting boards or aluminum foil and plastic wrap.

Type Of Wood

Hardwood cabinets are nice due to their durability and classic good looks. Softer woods such as Poplar are sometimes chose for cabinets that are going to be painted a particular color. Red Oak is one of the most popular choices out of the very tough hardwoods. Oak can always be stained a darker color if you want the look of Walnut or Cherry without the additional cost.

Kitchen Remodels

Even if you already have a kitchen, you may want to remodel it, so it has a more suitable floor plan for your lifestyle needs. Alliance Home Design can assist with any stage of your kitchen remodel and custom cabinets. Call us today to design the kitchen of your dreams. We look forward to helping you realize your vision and dream for a better kitchen

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