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bathroom remodeling

Choosing A New Tub For Your Bathroom Renovation

Doing a full renovation of your bathroom is a large undertaking, and if you’re going to change a few things, you might as well change them all, and you’ll probably have to change them all in order for all of the elements of your new bathroom to mesh well.  Below, we want to suggest some potential tubs for your new bathroom.


If you have the room and the budget, a clawfoot tub is a beautiful and elegant addition to any bathroom.  Typically freestanding, that is, no one wall is attached to the tub, clawfoot tubs require a bit more room than other tub designs.  Clawfoot tubs were often used by royalty or the very rich.  Clawfoot tubs are featured in the famous Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.  The Biltmore, belonging to and built by members of the Vanderbilt family, is a mansion on an 8,000 acre estate.  Clawfoot tubs won’t exactly make your home the Biltmore but…it’s one step closer.


Go big or go home should be the slogan for a jacuzzi tub.  You’re already spending thousands on a renovation, why not spend the little extra to make your bathtub into a full-blown spa.  Jets, bubbles, even LED lights can transform your bathroom into something unrecognizable.  We usually recommend that those who wish to input a jacuzzi tub also opt for a standing shower, as once you get in a jacuzzi it is very hard to get out, and we don’t want to be responsible for any tardies at work!

3-Wall Alcove

The most common type of bathtub, a 3-wall alcove is a tub that typically found at one end of a bathroom, touching the 3 ends farthest from the means of entrance.  The most affordable and least obstructive bathtub style, it can still be quite elegant.  Tiling the sides, building out a ledge, and installing a premium shower head can make even the simplest of bathtub designs feel custom-made and gorgeous.

At Alliance, all we want is for you to end up with the dream home that you deserve.  A bathroom can often be a make or break in selling a house, so shouldn’t it be a make or break in living in one?  Treat you and your family right and renovate your bathroom and get a brand new bathtub to go in it today, with Alliance Home Design.

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