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Protecting Your Kitchen Cabinets From Dogs, Cats and other Pets

Protecting Your Kitchen Cabinets From Dogs, Cats and other Pets

Keeping Custom Cabinets Pet-Proof

One of the most exciting things about home renovation is getting new cabinets. Having custom cabinets installed is one of the best ways to make a kitchen come to life. But one of the downfalls of bringing in beautiful new kitchen cabinetry is that, for pet owners, those great new custom cabinets are just a scratch away from being damaged. That’s why it’s so important for homeowners with pets to make their custom cabinets “pet-proof.”

Dog and cat owners have to be on guard against things that other homeowners don’t have to worry about. A new puppy is more than just cute. Around a new set of custom kitchen cabinetry, the puppy is a hazard. The good news is that there are precautions that can be taken for a homeowner to protect their kitchen cabinets from their dogs or cats.

How to Make Cabinets Pet-Proof

Choose a Harder Wood

One of the best ways to prevent cabinets getting scratched is by going with one of the harder woods that can be used in making the cabinets. Harder woods such as birch, pecan, and hard maples are some of the hardest woods out there which makes them harder to scratch. Some other good woods are American walnut and American cherry, which we have in stock, ready to build and ship.

Place Child Locks on Handles

There are other dangers out there between pets and cabinets than just potential scratches. Some cabinets are used to hold pills and medicine that can be deadly to pets if they are able to get into them. The best way to protect pets from getting their paws on something that could hurt them is to place child locks on the cabinets that have medicine in them so that they don’t pose a danger to Fluffy.

Remember to Trim Their Claws

Indoor cats tend to have longer claws than outdoor cats, as they don’t get the opportunity to wear them down as much. Dogs also have claws that can pose a danger to cabinetry unless they get trimmed. Another great way to keep cabinets safe against potential scratches is by keeping pets’ claws trimmed short so that they aren’t able to scratch those beautiful new custom cabinets.

Sand and Stain to Fix Scratches

In the event that there is a scratch, there are simple fixes that homeowners can do to restore their cabinets. A simple sanding on the surface of the cabinet where the scratch is, followed by a stain that’s the same color as the cabinetry.

Pets can make life difficult for a homeowner. However, there are simple steps that can be taken to help prevent damage being done to the beautiful cabinets that a homeowner just invested in.


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