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Elements of a Great Kitchen Renovation

kitchen renovation

Between cooking, eating, and just sitting around sharing stories, you can end up spending a tremendous amount of time in your kitchen.  A room that you spend so much time in should be pleasant to inhabit both from a design perspective and in a practical sense.  Pots and pans should be in the most convenient place possible, the cook should be able to talk to family and friends without being isolated, and people should be impressed by its design.


Coming together over a meal has been a human custom for millennia, and your kitchen should be conducive to facilitating conversation.  An island is a great addition to your kitchen if you have the space for it.  Acting as a large table/counter space that sits in the middle of the kitchen, an island totally opens up space and prevents the cook from being isolated in a corner facing the wall while cooking. When people have an island, they typically purchase bar stools to line it with and install the stove directly into it to easier facilitate conversation.  A chef being able to cook and talk to their guests while they do so is an invaluable amenity in any kitchen.


Whether you’re in the kitchen every day or always seem to be ordering take out, when you do cook you want your dishes, cookware, utensils, and appliances to be in easily accessible and practical places in your kitchen.  In kitchen design, people seem to get stuck in the same old routines as to what goes where, and what’s tradition isn’t always what’s best.  Pots and pans are often precariously stored in cabinets, which is not only unsightly, but dangerous as well.  Installing a row of hooks in your kitchen to hang your pots and pans from proves to be very aesthetically pleasing, provides easy access to cookware, and frees up cabinet space for other things that can be more easily stacked.


Rectangular cabinets aren’t your only option for kitchen storage, and too often people get stuck in a rut thinking inside the box, or in this case, inside the cabinet.  Consider custom cabinets with unusual shapes that are more suited to your needs.  For instance, cabinets that are tall, narrow, and slightly slanted to one side make for great baking sheet storage.  They stack nicely sideways as the slant forces them to stay upright by leaning on each other.

When redoing your kitchen, give it the love and attention it deserves.  Think outside the box, get the custom look you deserve, and do it with the best at Alliance Home Design.

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Renovating Your Bathroom For Resale

bathroom remodeling

If you’re looking into the possibility of selling your home, starting to consider small scale renovations is a good idea.  By spending a little more money to start with you can end up raising the value of your home exponentially.  Bathrooms have been shown to be the most highly scrutinized room by potential buyers, so you want to make sure that yours is up to snuff before inviting people to take a look at it.  Bathroom renovations can be expensive, but by doing the proper research beforehand you can avoid costly mistakes and a drawn out renovation process.  The investment is well worth it, and small changes can result in big money.

Stereo System

A built in music system in your bathroom is an inexpensive luxury to install that immediately increases the value of your bathroom dramatically.  Though a small amenity, being able to toggle between the radio, your iPod, and CDs without getting out of the tub is a pretty sweet treat.  Great for relaxation, romance, and convenience, this cheap renovation is well worth the money.

Counter Space

In smaller bathrooms, it can be hard to install a lot of counter space, but it’s an element that a lot of buyers find extremely necessary.  If you’re able to accommodate it, you should definitely consider installing double sinks, as the counter space offered on either side and in between can be a major selling point in your home, not to mention the benefit of having two sinks in the first place. 

Shower Amenities

You may have noticed that in some hotels there are built-in shampoo and conditioner dispensers in the wall.  Instead of struggling to eke out liquid from the bottle, you can dispense it with the push of a button right in your own home.  It’s inexpensive and a whimsical little luxury that appeals to everyone.  An additional investment you could make in your bathroom is a large, whirlpool bath, such as a jacuzzi.  The word “jacuzzi” has certain luxurious connotations that will be the cherry on top of your bathroom remodeling.

If you can afford it, redoing your bathroom before selling your house can be a great way to increase its value.  Between new sinks, vanities, tubs, and anything in between, make sure you’re getting the best for your money and contact Alliance Home Design today for a consultation.

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What You Need To Know About Baseboards

When it comes to making a statement in a room, baseboards are a major highlight. These boards can add a different perception to a room that reflects the era you are going for. If you are tired of baseboards that are too worn or battered, then upgrading is a simple as calling in our trusted team.

Offers Protection To Majority Of Your Wall

Baseboards help prevent damage to wall coverings and the actual wall itself. It doesn’t take much of a protrusion to offer a lot of protection to the remainder of the wall. Over the years, baseboards can save a lot of money on repairs and refinish of walls. If chairs and furniture have caused damage to your walls in the past, a thicker baseboard may help.


When choosing your style of baseboard, there are many options that can help your home look great. Sculpted baseboards with custom trim add a lot of character to a room. For a more formal look, you can go with more elaborate baseboards while informal spaces you may want to choose a plainer trim that is less sculpted.

Baseboard Advice

The type of baseboard installed is matched to the central theme or style of the home or business in question. Alliance Home Design can help you by milling and installing custom baseboards that offer an authentic look for your living space.


Baseboard installation is an affordable way to change the appearance or upgrade your home. Since Alliance Home Design offers custom millwork, your project looks like it was made for your home because it is. Baseboards are usually installed fast.

Craftsmanship That Lasts

Quality baseboards are milled from the best lumber and sanded to perfection. Our team of craftsman can match specific wood finishes quickly, so your baseboards fit in perfectly with the rest of your home. Alliance Home Design takes pride in offering the best baseboards and service in Florida.

Baseboards are often necessary to replace if we are doing a kitchen remodeling project or other major home renovation. The good news is that you can choose a whole new look to match your remodel.

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Installing Crown Molding: What is Your Contractor Doing?

crown molding, contractor, installation, renovation

Installing crown molding is a simple and effective way to give your home class, elegance, and charm without spending an exorbitant amount of money.  Because moldings are not typically installed at eye-level, they can seem to go unnoticed, but how unnoticed are they really?  Your brain is always taking in information, and though guests may not comment on your molding, they are subconsciously detecting the refinement of your home that employment of beautiful crown moldings will display.

The first step in installing crown molding is deciding which type of crown molding to use.  Different materials are better for different uses, and depending on what room of your home you’d like to install your crown molding in can determine what material you should use.  Wood makes for beautiful crown molding, but can be expensive.  A cheaper alternative is MDF, a combination of wood and resins, which is also pre-primed and ready to paint.  One thing to look out for in using MDF in molding is the level of moisture and humidity in the room you’re looking to install it in.  MDF will warp in great levels of humidity, meaning that it may not be the best choice for a bathroom, kitchen, or any room with excessive levels of moisture.

The next part is the hardest: cutting the corners of the molding.  This is a job best left to professionals, but it’s still helpful to know how they do it.  The easiest way to cut the corners of crown molding is using a coping saw.  A coping saw is the most popular tool for beginners.  It is a saw with a narrow blade that stretches across a U-shaped frame and is used for cutting the curves of the wood.  Additional tools include power miter saws, which we typically think of as a power saw, which makes a quick, accurate cut in a piece at a selected angle.

Once you have the right type of molding and it’s cut to your liking, the next steps are all about precision in placement.  Be sure to begin by measuring and marking the wall as well as your molding.  The most important part of crown molding installation is ensuring that the pieces fit together and fit the wall you’re placing it on.  Once you’ve made certain that the pieces will fit well, you can secure them to the wall using a caulk gun.

Crown molding is a classic element of home design and can really tie a room together.  Be sure to ask your contractor about the crown molding that is right for your home!

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Baseboard and Crown Molding: A Match Made In Heaven

crown molding, baseboard molding, molding

Crown molding is often talked about, and obsessed over, when people are thinking about renovating a home.  Its timeless elegance and classic simplicity make it an immediate cultural signifier in American homes, but what about its lesser known parter: baseboard molding.  Baseboard and crown molding are the Abbott and Costello, the Sonny and Cher, the Lennon and McCartney of interior home design.  Though crown molding does look beautiful on its own, pairing it with baseboard molding is what really makes your home feel properly decorated.  It’s almost as if you are framing each room of your house, bookending it with plaster moldings.

Though baseboard molding appears to be a lot simpler in design than crown molding, it still takes a lot of skill and expertise to work with.  In fact, the most talented of baseboard installers will be able to install perfectly joined baseboard molding even on a crooked wall.  Because molding is such an important part of your home, leaving it to the professionals is probably a good idea.

If you’re renovating and considering new molding, then you might as well do it right.  By renovating in the first place, you’re making a statement that you want to build a better, more beautiful version of your home.  When you’ve finally got the money together to make your big changes, don’t skimp on what you think might be the small stuff!  The nature of molding is that if it’s well done, you probably don’t notice it.  Unfortunately, people tend to notice imperfections before giving congratulations, especially when it comes to something that people don’t often think about like molding choices.  People spend a lot of time thinking about the design of their home, but tend to focus more on the obvious and prominent features like paint color and furniture.  Your molding is an equally important decision, and knowing what molding you want from the get-go will result in an easier, more efficient, and more ultimately successful renovation. 

Ask Alliance Home Design about baseboard and crown molding to make the right decisions regarding your home renovation.  You can’t go wrong with this timeless pair in making your home feel whole.

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Creating The Perfect Kitchen For Entertaining

If you enjoy cooking and having friends over then, your kitchen remodeling project needs to reflect this. Creating the ideal kitchen for entertaining is not so hard with a bit of planning and an experienced contractor that will listen to what you want. Here are some ideas for creating a kitchen that is set up for entertaining your guests.

Bar Or Island


A kitchen bar or island allows for extra serving space and an informal dining area for when you might not want to use your designated dining room. This also allows for a convenient extra space for serving a buffet or laying out snacks or drinks when you have a larger group of people over.

Custom Cabinets

Organization in a kitchen is very important. With custom cabinets, you can make the best use of your space and make sure that things are exactly where you want them. Cabinets allow you to adapt your kitchen to your own unique cooking style.

Appliance Location

The type of electrical outlets you have and where they are at influences where you are allowed to have your appliances. If you have an older home, your appliances may not be in the best place for you. Also if you are in a newer home that doesn’t mean the builder put a lot of thought into designing the kitchen space. Changing the wiring in your kitchen can allow for appliance placement in the spot you like the most.

Extra Serving Space

In many older homes, the sideboard was one of the most important places to keep special serving dishes and have a level space to put out a variety of snacks or beverages. A custom sideboard can solve a lot of space issues and can be made to fit a space precisely. A sideboard is a great home addition.

Glassware Racks

Overhead glassware storage can give your kitchen the feel of an old pub but also make better use of your space. Beautiful glassware can also help with lighting because it will sparkle and reflect whatever light you have in your kitchen area.

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Creating Your Bedroom Addition

There are many reasons why you might want to add a bedroom to your home. A parent moving in, a new child, or simply a larger and better-appointed room for you and your partner are all perfectly valid reasons for wanting to plan and addition. Here are some things to consider when planning your addition.


It can be easy to try to cram too many amenities in a smaller space. Alliance Home Builders can help determine how much space you add on while meeting your local building regulations and codes. If your lot size is not the issue, then you need to determine how much space you will be satisfied with.


Sharing a bath with everyone in your household may be something you don’t want to do in the future. A master bath as part of the bedroom can give you privacy and take some of the strain off of the main bathrooms of your home. Double sinks and separate tubs and showers are popular features in the modern bedroom addition.

Custom Cabinets and Built-Ins

Organization can make or break an addition. Custom cabinets can make the greatest use of the space of your bedroom addition. Built in closets and other features can help organize and help rooms appear tidier in general. Shelving adds space for items such as books and things you use regularly.

Don’t Underestimate Bed Size

When planning your addition be sure you realize how much space you are going to have after a bed is added. A king sized bed is going to take up more of your addition than a queen. If you are set on having a larger bed, then take it into account when planning home additions.

Planning Your Addition

Alliance Home Designs can help you plan an addition that fits your budget. We can assist with deciding what features are best for your goals. Our free estimates may make you realize just how much you can do with a small renovation budget. Contact us today for the best in home remodel design and construction in the industry.

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Tips For A Less Stressful Remodel

custom kitchen
  1. Be realistic about time frame

Of course in a perfect world, a remodel would be accomplished exactly on time or even early. In the real world, however, there are factors that are beyond the control of you or your contractor. In an older home, there can be surprises lurking once walls are opened up. Newer homes are not always without surprises either. Don’t plan your party for the day after a remodel is scheduled for completion.

  1. Make Careful Decisions

Changing your mind before construction or demolition starts is one thing, however after a remodel starts it can cost you time and money if you decide to change your mind. Talking with an experienced contractor like Alliance Home Design can help you be sure of your decisions and make sure you are satisfied with you remodel job.

  1. Where To Stay?

It is important to budget for accommodations and extras during a remodel that is extensive enough for you to have to leave your home for awhile. Air BnB or other booking services can help you find good accommodations if you need them during a remodel. Some people take vacations or trips to stay with family during kitchen remodels and similar.

  1. Consider How Much Value You Are Adding

If you are having sticker shock at how much remodels cost it is important to realize that you are adding a lot more in equity to your home. A $10,000 remodel could add many times that to the value of your home. If you are considering selling your home in the future, you could be making a very good investment in your future.

  1. Have Some Fun With It

Not all aspects of home renovations have to be serious. Plan some fun touches that are solely for your enjoyment and comfort regardless of the practicality of the larger project. A wall safe or some other touch you have always wanted might not cost a lot but add a lot to the level of your satisfaction with your entire remodel.

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Prioritizing Your Home Renovations

painting, painting tips

You might have been pondering for quite some time about the repairs and home renovations you either would like to do or need to do in your home. Here are some of the reasons why you should take care of this sooner rather than later.

Damage Can Get Worse Over Time

Putting off home repairs and renovations can cost you money in the long run and even threaten the structural integrity of your home. If something is causing water damage, for example, you can quickly go from a fix that costs a few thousand to tens of thousands in additional damages.

You Deserve A Comfortable Space To Come Home To

Sometimes the small things are what counts at your home or business. Bathrooms get a lot of use and can make a big difference in the comfort level of your home. Custom cabinets and other features can make your bathroom feel larger right away.

First Things First

Of course, the renovations that are the most important should be the ones that are critical to maintaining your home. Older homes sometimes simply need upgrades. Older wiring is a perfect example of a critical renovation. Rewiring often involves replacing wall coverings as well because coverings are often too damaged to put back into place, especially if older or made from poor quality materials to start with.


When it comes to your renovation or home addition you and your spouse may have some slightly different opinions. Coming to a compromise is usually the best solution. For example, if one person wants a shower separate from the tub, perhaps just a better tub and shower combo would be easier to fit into space and cost less overall?

Honest Budget And Quotes

There is no doubt that home renovations can cost a bit of money, but you have to realize that they are a long-term investment in the equity of your home. Renovations can make your home much more comfortable and allow it to grow and change as your lifestyle and family size changes. Alliance Home Designs offers honest quotes, and we will work with your budget needs if at all possible

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Figuring Out The Details Of Custom Cabinets

The advantages of custom cabinets are numerous. For starters, you can get a lot more out of your space compared to buying cabinets that are just a standard size off the shelf at your local home improvement store.

Color And Finish

With custom cabinets, you can take advantage of being able to specify a specific color or finish for your cabinets. This allows for a one of a kind kitchen if you want it. Alliance can create any finish you desire.

Crown Molding

Some cabinets have a top shelf while others may go all the way to the ceiling and have crown molding. The addition of crown molding can add a decorative touch that is hard to beat. A creative crown molding design can add a lot of depth and character to even plain cabinets.

In Cabinet Organization

The inside of a cabinet is important. If you cannot get good access to what is within your cabinets, then you might have a frustrating kitchen to deal with. The addition of slide out drawers, Lazy Susan’s, wire baskets, and more can help you maximize your space. Wire baskets on the inside doors of cabinets give you a space to keep small cutting boards or aluminum foil and plastic wrap.

Type Of Wood

Hardwood cabinets are nice due to their durability and classic good looks. Softer woods such as Poplar are sometimes chose for cabinets that are going to be painted a particular color. Red Oak is one of the most popular choices out of the very tough hardwoods. Oak can always be stained a darker color if you want the look of Walnut or Cherry without the additional cost.

Kitchen Remodels

Even if you already have a kitchen, you may want to remodel it, so it has a more suitable floor plan for your lifestyle needs. Alliance Home Design can assist with any stage of your kitchen remodel and custom cabinets. Call us today to design the kitchen of your dreams. We look forward to helping you realize your vision and dream for a better kitchen

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