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C.A.D. – Computer Aided Custom Cabinetry

backsplash, kitchen renovation

Cabinetry is made in a variety of ways. In today’s digital age there is woodworking software designed to help design custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. In the old-days all cabinet manufacturing was done by hand and designed on paper. Today’s manufacturing process has become more advanced, and there are even templates that can help homeowners design the cabinets of their dreams.

Today cabinets many cabinets are designed using computers that aid in the design process. Users can get a feel for what the cabinets would look like with 3-D cabinetry software. But there is more to the cabinet manufacturing process than just the software.

Cabinet Manufacturing

How Cabinet Making Changed

The old required tools for a cabinet making job were a table saw, some drills, and a lot of measuring. Everything was measured and done by hand. All that hard work paid off, but when computers came onto the scene they brought with them a whole new level of efficiency and precision for cabinet markers. Today much of the design process is done using software that makes the job of custom cabinet manufacturers much easier.

Framed vs. Frameless Construction

When it comes to cabinet construction and manufacturing, there are a couple basic design styles homeowners can choose between from. There are cabinets made with frames and there are also frameless cabinets. The frameless style is sometimes referred to as the European style of cabinetry. Framed cabinets have a frame around the front edge of the cabinet, and oftentimes are used because of the style they bring.

A benefit of frameless cabinets is that it is much easier to access what is within them, and many that choose a European style of cabinets do so for this reason.


There are several materials used in the construction of cabinets. The most obvious is the wood that is used on the outside. From cherry to walnut, to pecan and red oak, there are a variety of woods used to make cabinets. Another one of the materials used is MDF, or medium-density-fiberboard. It’s an inexpensive, durable material that’s used in lots of woodworking projects. Particle board, a synthetic wood made from wood chips and sawmill shavings, is also used. Plywood is another material used in the making of cabinets.


The cabinet itself is constructed like a box, constructed with MDF, particle board, and plywood. The cabinet boxes are reinforced with either triangular beams at the corners or beams along the inside running from side to side. The doors of cabinets are generally made of solid wood, and the shelves are usually made of plywood or MDF.

The Finish

In the marking of cabinets, the finishing process is just as important as the construction. In the old days all finishing was done by hand and piece by piece, but today’s manufacturing facilities sometimes have large-scale processes that can get the finishing down faster and more efficiently.

There are several kinds of finishes that are still used on cabinets. Stains change the natural color of the wood but allow the grains to still be seen. Paints come in many colors and can be used to change the color of the cabinet. Other finishes used in the construction of cabinets are varnishes, which provide an outer protection. A glaze can also be added to give a shiny, somewhat transparent coat on top of the finish.

This is just a basic overview of all that goes into the construction of custom cabinets. Today, computer software can be used to make the entire process more efficient, and is just one of the many ways that cabinet manufacturing and construction have changed over the years.

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Bask in Your Bathroom: 3 Ideas for Remodeling

modern bathroom remodel

Your bathroom should be a place of tranquility and privacy. In order to achieve this destination, it may be necessary to remodel or simply make a few improvements to your restroom. Remodeling a bathroom is certainly no small undertaking, so it’s important to take advice from the experts. A prime benefit of updating your bathroom includes increasing its value, thus making this a long-term investment. The short-term investment takes affect through the personal enjoyment you gain from your newly made space.

Home Remodeling Tips

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Kitchen Remodeling 101: What You Need to Know

ideas for kitchen remodeling

How many times have you walked into your kitchen and wanted to change something again? Kitchens are one of the most used rooms in the entire house, if not THE most used room in the home. After all, everybody in the house goes into the kitchen every morning for breakfast or that first cup of coffee to get their day started. The kitchen represents an important and integral part of the home, so it makes sense that you would want to maintain every aspect of it from the floors to the counter tops to the curtains to the windows to the pantry door. Kitchen remodeling can be an ongoing maintenance as you notice little glitches that need fixes over time.

Facts About Kitchen Remodeling

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How to Embrace A Full Home Renovation

interior painting

When you have been living in the same house or apartment for an extended period of time, your living space can get a little boring after a while. An entire home renovation can not only provide a change of scenery but can also replenish your soul and lift your mood. Changing your home welcomes the idea to the transitioning of a new chapter in life. How exciting does that sound? Who doesn’t love turning the next page and finding out what else is in store? So, how exactly do you make the most of a full home remodeling to change from what was old to completely new, bold, and jaw-dropping?

Tips for House Renovation

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Home Remodeling: How to Spice Up the Home on Valentine’s Day

home remodeling
These days, couples are always looking for ways to go the extra mile when it comes to Valentine’s Day. There are some creative ideas to go about decorating the home, the perfect way to impress the significant other and let them know they are special and cared for. And you never know, some of these ideas might just prove to be gems all year round.

Remodeling a home can be a fun and exciting task. There is a lot that goes into planning and preparing to renovate a home for a homeowner or someone that is looking to add something special to the interior design of their home. Husbands may even look to make it especially nice for their wives this Valentine’s Day (or vice versa). While any home decorating idea is going to make someone feel special, here are a few planned specifically for this Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Decorating Ideas

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Simple Decorative Tips for the Home

Interior designers and home owners are always looking for creative ways to spice up the decoration within their home. Some of the ways to go about doing this are actually incredibly simple. Those who are responsible for the decoration of homes frequently look to their competitors or to creative magazines on new ideas for home design and customization. But some of the most innovative ways of redecorating a home are also the most simple.

Why not look into a coffee table? A decorative ottoman, perhaps? There are a plethora of different design techniques and ideas available for use by those who would want to decorate a home. Some have even started hanging up stainless steel pans on the wall in the kitchen to give it a contemporary look. Whatever the style and vibe a home decorator is going for, there are certain to be some simple, unique decorative ideas they can choose from.

Simple Home Design Tips

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4 Must-Know Home Remodeling Tips

With a New Year comes many opportunities to invest in different parts of the home. Home design is an exciting process, and there are many great aspects of being able to design a home. As a homeowner there are tips and tools to learn as a homeowner looking to remodel a house.

Especially for those entering their first attempt at remodeling a home, it can be a difficult process that poses unique challenges to a first timer. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Following some general guidelines for the home remodeling process can make everyone’s job much easier. Sometimes homeowners assume that remodeling a home will be the same as the initial selection and purchase of the home, and while they are definitely different processes, going about the initial design and choosing a home is experience that a homeowner can call on when the time to remodel comes.

Tips for Remodeling A Home

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