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Home Improvement of Kitchens, Bathrooms and Associated Areas:

Our processes are simple, efficient and effective:

We request each client complete our “free estimate” form. You may find the estimate form our Home Remodeling Quote Form. Once we receive the form, we’ll reach out to you via phone or email, setting up an appointment to review not only your completed form, but also your vision and expectations for each home improvement. At conclusion of our call, the specialist on the call will schedule a final meeting in person. Depending on your availability and our scheduling, we’ll plan to meet (1-2 weeks from the call), adding to the initial information collected, to make certain we have your goals, needs and best interests in mind.

Estimating your home improvements and submitting a plan.

We believe the planning stage is essential to the success, comfort, and efficiency of the overall process. That said, our staff not only receives your information and meets with you, but will also email a final estimate before completing a final review with you. The estimate will include the job/project overview, price, materials we may require and estimated time of completion. Our final review of the remodel, renovation or room enhancement will answer all questions, address any concerns and clear any doubts you may have about time, price and size of the job. If you haven’t completed our initial form yet, please view it our Home Renovation Quote Form.

Drawings accepted and fabrication commences

Once drawings are accepted, someone will be sent out to the job site to confirm measurements and construction and fabrication may commence. It depends on the job but the lead time is almost always 4 to 6 weeks from contract signing to completion. 2 to 3 weeks is usually added if permits need to be pulled for a specific job.

PROCESS for Crown Molding, Baseboard, and Other Millwork:

You may rest assured, our estimate won’t change.

A common theme in our industry is the “adjustable estimate.” We’ve never found this to help in any portion of the home improvement process, for either party. Therefore, each estimate is written with our “90 day promise.” Within 90 days of our in-person meeting, any estimate written that day will be our promise to you and your family the price won’t change. Our word is our bond, and that includes each and every written estimate we write. Following the 90 day promise, the cost of materials and labor may change but, mainly because the industry dictates such an adjustment.

We will send an email to you with the estimate explaining the job that will be done and what is included in the price. Once this is sent, we ask that you review it so that we may contact you to answer any questions and clear up any concerns that you may have about time, price, or size of the job.

Once we receive confirmation, we begin the remodel, renovation or installation.

Once you’ve approved the estimate and a 50% deposit is made, we will set a day to start the molding installation. Once the installation is complete, the painters will come in to cover any nail holes and caulk the gaps between the molding and the ceiling and wall. The paints we prefer to use are the white semi-gloss paints from either Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore.

Completion of the job

When the job is nearing completion, we will personally go out and inspect the work to ensure quality. Once the job is complete and final payment is received, we ask our clients to write a review online commenting on how their experience was throughout the process of construction and to let us know if they believe we can improve in any aspect.


Business Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday: 10am to 2pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Alternatively, we are available 24 hours a day through our online contact form.

Contact Us

1625 SW 1 Way #C1,
Deerfeild Beach FL 33442
United States
(954) 944-3044
FAX: (954) 621-7444