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Think Outside the Room: Ignore Conventional Home Plans

home renovation

Whether you’re renovating an old home or starting from scratch, you may enlist the help of an architect or home designer.  Professionals can prove to be invaluable resources, and their opinions certainly mean a lot, but don’t make the mistake of hiring someone who has their business down to a science.  This may sound counterintuitive, but a home designer has a set formula for the layout of every home they design is going to produce a design that isn’t only unoriginal, but cookie-cutter.  Alliance Home Design thinks outside the box, and outside the room, every time, and one way we suggest starting your home plan?  Forget what rooms are “supposed” to be for.

A Bedroom-Sized Bathroom

A lot of homes nowadays have a guest bedroom or two, but you know what they say: house guests and fish both start to stink after three days.  Rather than keeping your spare rooms available for potential passersby, why not convert your extra space into something that you will definitely use every day?  That’s right.  A bathroom.  It seems crazy, and requires a little bit of extra plumbing and electrical work, but that spare bedroom can become a bathroom with more space than you can imagine.  No need to cram the toilet next to the bathtub next to the sink.  By turning your spare room into a bathroom, you open up the possibility of a jacuzzi-style bathtub, a large, chic farm sink, or even an armchair (Yes! We’ve seen it!).  People will applaud your creative use of space and leave with the question, “So what did they do with the room that was supposed to be the bathroom?”, which we also have the answer to…

A Bathroom-Sized Closet

Now “bathroom-sized” doesn’t exactly sound grand, but a closet the size of even a small, simple bathroom is huge in terms of closet space.  Many closets that are advertised as “walk-in” make that claim very ambitiously, and unless the space between your steps is about 6 inches, you’re not really going to be able to walk anywhere.  Same as with the converted bathroom, this room switch will require a little bit of plumbing work, but it is well worth the space.  A walk-in closet the size of a bathroom affords you the ability to not only having a better home for your clothes and accessories, but storage for the rest of your home as well. 

At Alliance Home Design, we want to create the home that’s right for you, not the home that’s right for just anyone.  A bedroom-sized kitchen?  A kitchen-sized living room?  Anything is possible with a creative mind and Alliance Home Design by your side.

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Choosing A New Tub For Your Bathroom Renovation

bathroom remodeling

Doing a full renovation of your bathroom is a large undertaking, and if you’re going to change a few things, you might as well change them all, and you’ll probably have to change them all in order for all of the elements of your new bathroom to mesh well.  Below, we want to suggest some potential tubs for your new bathroom.


If you have the room and the budget, a clawfoot tub is a beautiful and elegant addition to any bathroom.  Typically freestanding, that is, no one wall is attached to the tub, clawfoot tubs require a bit more room than other tub designs.  Clawfoot tubs were often used by royalty or the very rich.  Clawfoot tubs are featured in the famous Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.  The Biltmore, belonging to and built by members of the Vanderbilt family, is a mansion on an 8,000 acre estate.  Clawfoot tubs won’t exactly make your home the Biltmore but…it’s one step closer.


Go big or go home should be the slogan for a jacuzzi tub.  You’re already spending thousands on a renovation, why not spend the little extra to make your bathtub into a full-blown spa.  Jets, bubbles, even LED lights can transform your bathroom into something unrecognizable.  We usually recommend that those who wish to input a jacuzzi tub also opt for a standing shower, as once you get in a jacuzzi it is very hard to get out, and we don’t want to be responsible for any tardies at work!

3-Wall Alcove

The most common type of bathtub, a 3-wall alcove is a tub that typically found at one end of a bathroom, touching the 3 ends farthest from the means of entrance.  The most affordable and least obstructive bathtub style, it can still be quite elegant.  Tiling the sides, building out a ledge, and installing a premium shower head can make even the simplest of bathtub designs feel custom-made and gorgeous.

At Alliance, all we want is for you to end up with the dream home that you deserve.  A bathroom can often be a make or break in selling a house, so shouldn’t it be a make or break in living in one?  Treat you and your family right and renovate your bathroom and get a brand new bathtub to go in it today, with Alliance Home Design.

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Renovating Your Bathroom For Resale

bathroom remodeling

If you’re looking into the possibility of selling your home, starting to consider small scale renovations is a good idea.  By spending a little more money to start with you can end up raising the value of your home exponentially.  Bathrooms have been shown to be the most highly scrutinized room by potential buyers, so you want to make sure that yours is up to snuff before inviting people to take a look at it.  Bathroom renovations can be expensive, but by doing the proper research beforehand you can avoid costly mistakes and a drawn out renovation process.  The investment is well worth it, and small changes can result in big money.

Stereo System

A built in music system in your bathroom is an inexpensive luxury to install that immediately increases the value of your bathroom dramatically.  Though a small amenity, being able to toggle between the radio, your iPod, and CDs without getting out of the tub is a pretty sweet treat.  Great for relaxation, romance, and convenience, this cheap renovation is well worth the money.

Counter Space

In smaller bathrooms, it can be hard to install a lot of counter space, but it’s an element that a lot of buyers find extremely necessary.  If you’re able to accommodate it, you should definitely consider installing double sinks, as the counter space offered on either side and in between can be a major selling point in your home, not to mention the benefit of having two sinks in the first place. 

Shower Amenities

You may have noticed that in some hotels there are built-in shampoo and conditioner dispensers in the wall.  Instead of struggling to eke out liquid from the bottle, you can dispense it with the push of a button right in your own home.  It’s inexpensive and a whimsical little luxury that appeals to everyone.  An additional investment you could make in your bathroom is a large, whirlpool bath, such as a jacuzzi.  The word “jacuzzi” has certain luxurious connotations that will be the cherry on top of your bathroom remodeling.

If you can afford it, redoing your bathroom before selling your house can be a great way to increase its value.  Between new sinks, vanities, tubs, and anything in between, make sure you’re getting the best for your money and contact Alliance Home Design today for a consultation.

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Bask in Your Bathroom: 3 Ideas for Remodeling

modern bathroom remodel

Your bathroom should be a place of tranquility and privacy. In order to achieve this destination, it may be necessary to remodel or simply make a few improvements to your restroom. Remodeling a bathroom is certainly no small undertaking, so it’s important to take advice from the experts. A prime benefit of updating your bathroom includes increasing its value, thus making this a long-term investment. The short-term investment takes affect through the personal enjoyment you gain from your newly made space.

Home Remodeling Tips

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Innovative Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom with Color, Texture, and Style

Completely remodeling your bathroom or simply going for a refreshed, updated look? Whichever one it may be, floors should be your first priority towards your new bathroom. Replacing those well-loved bathroom floors with new tiles will help to add color, texture and style. From master baths to powder baths, it’s all about choosing a design that will turn your bathroom from drab to fab.

How to Remodel Your Bathroom

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South Florida Bathroom Design Ideas

A popular design style for bathrooms here in South Florida is the Mediterranean-inspired look. The countries of Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece have been influential in architecture and design throughout history. Other homeowners desire a more tropical design to complement the palm trees in the front yard or the beachy vibe of the town.

Here in South Florida, the Mediterranean style works because it carries a tropical, contemporary feel and atmosphere but also has a lot of traces of class and elegance because of its design. But there are many other design ideas and styles that are available to those in Deerfield Beach and the surrounding areas that are designing the bathroom of their dreams.

Add Value to the Home

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What to Remodel: Kitchen, Bathroom, or Both

kitchen renovation deerfield beach

Kitchen or bathroom remodeling is one of the most exciting parts of owning a home. Homeowners are always keen to improve an area of their house when the budget for it is available. One of the toughest questions that they end up asking themselves is what the right room to remodel is.

Kitchen remodeling will most likely entail bringing in new cabinetry to improve storage space and the beauty of the kitchen. Another great step for kitchen remodeling is bringing in new tile or hardwood floors to match the new cabinetry. Bathrooms are a great place to start as well, as new vanities, tile, or ceiling in a bathroom can make all the difference in the world.

To start, a homeowner must analyze their budget and determine how much they are able and want to invest into their home. The thing to remember with remodeling a home is that funds spent are an investment into the equity of your home. Remodeling a kitchen will pay big dividends if the time comes to put the home on the market, because the value of the home is increased.

How to Know Which Part of a Home to Remodel

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