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Snap Crackle Pop: The Concept of Single-Wall Painting

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Sometimes it can be difficult to strike the right balance between bold and traditional.  Though it’s safe to say that most people would like their home to have at least some level of creativity and personal flair, there’s also nothing wrong with sticking to the basics.  One of our favorite trends that we’ve been seeing recently is the concept of single-wall painting.  Single-wall painting, as we use it, does not mean that only one wall is painted, but that only one wall is painted a bold color.  We love it, and here’s why:


If you have an entire room painted one color, that color ends up going unnoticed after a while.  Regardless of whether you’ve decided to paint a room something bold like red or purple, or something soft like beige or egg shell, both types of colors will lose their effect when you can’t view them in contrast to an “other”.  That being said, in choosing to paint only one wall of a room a bold color, that color actually ends up becoming more highlighted and more noticeable than it would be had it been the color of the entire room.

Making A Statement

In having only one wall of your room painted a bold color, that wall automatically becomes somewhat of a frame or a highlighted background for a piece of furniture or object that you’d like to highlight.  In bedrooms, the boldly painted wall is often the one with the bed against it, but it can also be used to highlight a particular shelf of items, a dramatic piece such as a grandfather clock or armoire, or anything else you feel is worthy of underscoring in your home.

Potential Color Schemes

In general, we like to caution against using this technique with white walls as your “simple” color, as it can sometimes make  a room appear unfinished.  However, even a light grey (especially a light grey) can maintain the same purity and simplicity as white without the unfinished look.  Light grey can look stunning when paired with yellows, purples, and blues.  We also love the combination of beige and red.  The subtle oranges of the beige bring out the warmth in the red, which makes for a soothing overall feeling in the room.

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