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Kitchen Finishing Touches: Backsplash, Countertops, and More

backsplash, kitchen renovation

You’re all set with your kitchen renovation.  The proper walls are knocked down, you know where your island is going, and you know what color the room is going to be.  You’re on the right track, so don’t worry.  But what about the finishing touches?  Will the things that could be left, more or less, blank, stay as such?  Plain white countertops are nothing to be ashamed of, and neither is leaving paint as the only thing that covers your kitchen walls, but to give your kitchen a clean, finished look, consider our suggestions for the finishing touches.


In almost every kitchen, you’re going to have some space left between where your countertop ends and where the bottom of your cabinet begins.  This is where backsplash comes in.  You can certainly leave that space painted, but backsplash tiling can add an entirely new depth and intricacy to your kitchen’s design.  However, tiling of all the same color sort of defeats the purpose of tiling at all.  In tile work, each section of your workspace is automatically broken down into a small piece (your tile), so why not take that opportunity to do something beautiful and polychrome?  No need to go wild, even a two or three-color backsplash scheme can brighten the room.  We recommend staying within the same color family in backsplash tiling.  That is to say: if your kitchen is painted a deep cherry red, consider backsplash tiling that ranges from white to pink to scarlet to black.  An observable color spectrum will tie the room together and make the central color pop even more.


As far as countertops go, we have two major suggestions: granite and steel.  Two of the strongest substances on Earth (as we’re assuming diamond countertops are probably a little out of everyone’s price range), granite and galvanized steel are extremely practical as countertops.  Their scratch-resistance and sturdiness make them ideal cutting boards, no cutting board required.  Galvanized steel has popped up a lot recently along with the use of Edison bulbs and other nods to industry.  This is not surprising, considering the fact that modern design is all about minimalism and simplicity, which is found in spades in the industrial sphere.  Granite lends itself to a more finished, professional look, and can come in a shocking variety of styles.  Browns, blacks, and whites are common to see in granite, but what about greens? Oranges?  Reds?  The vast number of colors that you can find within the granite itself means that it will mesh well with many different paint colors and backsplash color schemes.

In designing your dream kitchen, don’t stop just feet before the finish line.  Take the time to work out the finishing touches, and let Alliance Home Design help you do it.

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